Endangered Species

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Tigers disappear from the wild within 20 years.

With the deforestation of our planet well underway, few people talk about the ancillary cost of deforestation. There are countless species in danger of becoming extinct, their habitat cut, or burned to make way for either palm oil plantations or grazing cattle ranches. Palm oil is the biggest culprit, in Indonesia, palm oil plantations are responsible for the loss of 9 million hectares, which is equivalent to an area the size of the state of Maine.


In Sumatra, the cost to wildlife solely due to the increase in Palm Oil Plantations can be described as nothing less than an extinction event. The Sumatran rhino numbers have shrunk dramatically over the last decade. This is mainly due to the old foe loss of habitat.
The Sumatran Tigers’ numbers have now shrunk to less than 400.  This majestic animal simply cannot survive in unison with the growing palm oil plantations.  Another endangered species is the Sumatran Elephant. Living mainly in tropical forests in Sumatra and Borneo. The WWF now estimates only 2,400 of these animals have survived deforestation. These elephants when hungry often enter Palm Oil Plantations to feed. This brings them into direct conflict with man and as a result, a small number have been found either Poisoned or Electrocuted.

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