Your Tree has been Planted in
Bore, Kenya

Target 300,000 Trees
Planted to date: 231,706

Eucalyptus Cineria

Your Eucalyptus Cineria has been planted in Bore Kenya as a part of the Kenyan reforestation project.
Although the Eucalyptus has had some bad rep over the years, the truth is, if planted in the correct location they are amazing carbon sinks.

Your tree will grow rapidly to a height of between 10 – 40ft over its 100-year lifespan.

Your tree will sequester 33 lbs of carbon a year throughout its 30-year carbon storage period.
This will give you a conservative estimate of 700 lbs of carbon offset.

Once it has completed its carbon sequestration it can be safely harvested. It will then be used uniquely for construction purposes as it is by far one of the largest and thickest trees grown locally. AMAZING PLANET!