Our Mission

Our planets tree stock is depleting at a rate never seen before.
The deficit between trees planted and trees felled or lost is now running at 4 billion a year. Our mission is to not only balance that deficit but run our forestry on a surplus, so we can slowly recover the planets timber stocks.

Climate change affects us all: rising temperatures, Diverse Weather, an increase in Forest Fires, and natural disasters. The skeptics of climate change will explain, “Events happening in our environment are the natural cycle of our planet, it has happened before and it will happen again”. That very well may be the case, BUT, and it is a big BUT, in the past, the climate did not have the industrialization of the human race to contend with. With C02 levels rising faster every year and the systematic deforestation of our planet. There is no time left to debate this crisis, action has to be taken, and NOW!

Our mission is to use something purchased daily and monetize it at no extra cost to the user, we then use the profit from that income to plant and protect our trees and wildlife. We will replant forests on a scale never seen before! We really do have to slow down the extent of damage that is continually being done to this fantastic planet.

We are also going to continue work protecting the natural wildlife that habitat the forests. The last part of our Mission is to educate and promote the implementation of Managed Sustainable Forestry on a global scale. Remember this; Humanity can co-exist comfortably with Trees, but will surely become extinct without them!